Why cybersecurity is a major issue?


Cybersecurity is a major issue as cyber threats and attacks are on the rise. So, let’s start by defining Cybersecurity.

Today at your tech dose we will give you Introduction to most popular cybersecurity terminologies.

Gone are the days when passwords were not enough to protect a system and its data. We all want to protect our personal and professional data, so Cybersecurity is what you should be able to ensure data protection.

Attackers now use more tactics to target systems. Individuals, small businesses or a large organization, are all affected.

Therefore, all these firms whether IT or non-IT firms do not understand the importance of Cybersecurity and focus on adopting all possible ways to deal with cyber threats.

As the game faces cyber threats and hackers, organizations and their employees must take action to deal with them. As we like to connect everything online, this also increases the chances of being at risk, violations, and errors.

What is cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is a major issue as cyber threats and attacks are on the rise. So, let’s start by defining Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a process and strategy involved in protecting sensitive data, computer systems, networks and software applications from cyber attacks.

To understand the need for cybersecurity measures and their effectiveness, let’s take a quick look at the types of threats and attacks and

The ransomware attack


ransomware is a file encryption program that uses a unique robust encryption algorithm for file encryption.

ransomware threat authors generate a unique translation key for each victim and store it on a remote server. Therefore, users do not have access to their files through any application.

Ransomware authors use this and demand large amounts of ransom from victims to provide encryption or deletion information. However, such attacks do not guarantee the accuracy of the data even after a ransom has been paid.



The Botnets were originally designed to perform a specific function in a team. Other botnet attacks include:

  • Distribute spam emails
  • Theft of private data

These attacks are often the case in large corporations and in the organization because of their large access to data. With this attack, hackers can control a large number of devices and compromise their malicious intent.

Another cybersecurity attacks:

Social Engineering Attacks


Social engineering has become a common tactic used by criminals to collect sensitive user information.

it can deceive you with attractive advertising, prizes, great offers and then ask you to provide your personal and bank account details. All the information you enter there is compiled and used for financial fraud, identity fraud and more.

Cryptocurrency hijacking


Cryptocurrency hijacking is a new addition to the cyber world.

As digital money and mining become more popular, so do cybercriminals. They have found their worst advantage in crypto-currency mines which include complex computer-based mining systems such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Litecoin and so on.

Cryptocurrency investors and traders are the simple target of this attack.

This method is used to extract mainly Monero coins. Since mining is a complex process, it consumes many CPU resources that affect system performance. Also, it is done under all your expenses, so the victim can get huge electricity bills as well as online debt.

Such emails have a strong line of subject attachments such as invoices, job offers, great offers from reputable shipping services or any important email from senior company executives.

Cybercrime is the most common cyber-attack aimed at stealing sensitive data. Such as login, credit card numbers, bank account details and more. To avoid this, you should learn more about email campaigns and prevention strategies. One can also use email filtering technology to avoid these attacks.

In line with this, 2019 will seek strength in biometric attacks, AI attacks and IoT attacks. Many companies and organizations are seeing serious cyberattacks and nothing stands in their way. With the exception of continuous security analysis and updates, the rise of cyber threats is the same. Therefore, you should educate yourself about the basics of cybersecurity and its use.

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