How to block spam calls using Google Phone app


block spam calls using Google Phone app

One of the most annoying things you can get in a day is the distraction of spammers. Although they try to block callers, they continue to discover a hundred new ways to detect it. Google loves this practice and that is why it has an easy way to help you avoid such calls. Unlike many good features released earlier, this one actually comes to India. The feature will be released to users through the Google Phone app. Read also – Google Android 11 introduced by Pixel and other devices; check what’s new

The latest feature is called Verified Calls and comes to your Android phone with the mobile app. It will not block automatic spam calls. Instead, it will give you details about the source and their purpose behind the call. Currently, the phone app only informs spam calls such as Spam. This feature will add a business logo, details, and purpose. Read more – Google Maps uses AI to improve travel time accuracy for users

What you need
The feature was first released on Android in September and is only available on the Google Phone app. If your device is running Android stock you should be ready to go. However, if your preferred Android phone is Samsung (or another manufacturer using a different phone app), you will need to install the Google Phone app from the Google Play Store. Without the Google phone app, you can’t use this feature – most of them will eventually be considered a must-have.
How to Enable Authenticated Calls feature
To enable the verified calls feature, open the phone app and tap the menu button in the top right corner. From the popup menu, tap Settings. From the list of options, tap Spam and Screen Call


Now tap the On/Off slider for Verified Calls.


So do you find it useful and would like to try? lets us know in comments.

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