How to purchase FASTag, activated, updated online via Paytm: Step-by-step process


How to purchase FASTag is a usual question these days as FASTag has enforcement started from Jan 15 2020.

There are many ways to buy FASTag. For your car including getting it at one of the listed banks, POS points, and now also in an online mode like Paytm. Here’s how to buy FASTag via Paytm.
FASTag enforcement has started from Jan 15 2020. According to a recent announcement by the Indian government, FASTag will be binding on vehicles starting January 15 this year.

What is FASTag? To collect automatic tolls from cars a small and usable tag that needs to be adjusted in a car window. There are many ways to buy FASTag for your car including getting it at one of the listed banks, POS points, and now also in an online mode like Paytm.

Using Paytm, users can not only buy FASTag with their cars or commercials but also link their Paytm Wallet to a payment tag in a paid location. Here’s how to buy, activate, and update FASTag using Paytm.

How to purchase FASTag via Paytm

Buying FASTag online is much easier compared to directing a POS point to buy it.

To purchase FASTag via Paytm follow this step-by-step process:

You will need to first have a valid Paytm account. If you don’t have one, go to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and download and install the Paytm app. Then open the Paytm app.

Then click on the “Buy FASTag” option located at the top of the app’s website and on the website (

In case you can’t find an option, you can also search for FASTag in the search bar and click the Buy Now button.

It will then take you to the Paytm Mall website where you can purchase by entering your car registration number. This process is similar to any regular online shopping at Paytm Mall. Just choose, and pay for it.

FASTag commercial, for integrated vehicles

A GST Certificate, a cancelled check, and a PAN Card has to to provided by business companies as additional proof to purchase FASTag for commercial vehicles, users can contact Paytm at 1800-102-6480.


Cost of FASTag

FASTag costs Rs 100 but users also need to deposit a refundable security deposit of Rs 250. At Paytm, you will have to pay a total of Rs 500 to get FASTag, which includes a Rs 100 Tag, security deposit Rs 250, and a balance of Rs 150 will be credited to your FASTag account.

Activate FASTag

If you buy FASTag from Paytm, you do not need to enter your card details again.

A FASTag number should be linked to Paytm wallet.

Once Paytm Wallet is connected to your FASTag account, the amount of the payment will be deducted from the wallet every time you give it through the gate.

Recharge FASTag via Paytm

Since your Paytm Wallet is linked to your FASTag account, you only need to keep the balance of the small account in your wallet, which is your vehicle type payment.

For a car, jeep, or bakkie, the fare is Rs 150 and rises to Rs 650 for class 16 vehicles including heavy construction equipment. You can add money to your Paytm Wallet using a Credit / Debit Card or UPI.

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