Neuralink will stream Music directly into your brain.


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Elon Musk neuralink start-up claims that you can directly listen to music into your brain without having a physical earphone into your ears alone.

Musk’s mysterious neuralink startup is working on a brain-computer interface that will allow viewers to stream music directly to your brain.

Responding to computer scientist Austin Howard Elon Musk confirmed that neural links technology would allow people’s to listen to music directly from our chips.

control hormonal levels

He also said that neuralink could help control hormonal levels and use them to our advantage for example enhanced abilities.

And reasoning anxiety reliefs etc and since its founding in 2016 neural link has only held one major public presentation about how the technology will work.

Speaking at the 2019 event Elon Musk said that the first was working on a suing machine-like device that could provide a direct connection between a computer and a chip inserted into the brain.

This chip will help people’s who are suffering from brain diseases like Parkinson’s disease but the ultimate aim of the neural link is to allow humans to compete with advanced artificial intelligence.

neurological robot

He said in that presentation in 2009 one part of the chip it will involve a neurological robot which fits flexible threads into the brain connected to a tiny implantable computer chip.

Elon Musk is requesting peoples with specific expertise in variables and he also tweeted that if you have solved hard problems with phones variables sealing signals processing etc please consider working at neural Inc he tweeted in his tweet.

He also said that this chip is going to cure depression and addiction by retaining the parcel brain responsible for these activities.

This is really interesting and futuristic which Elon Musk is going to bring within couple of years.

we are very excited to see how this thing is going to perform in real life.

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