Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Tells Employees They Can Work From Home – Forever

work from home

work from home

Last week, Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey, in a never-before-seen statement, told his staff they could work from home “forever.”

Dorsey differs in many respects, including donating $ 1 billion of his own money to help fight Covid-19, taking long meditations abroad and considering staying in Africa as he says the continent “will determine the future.” In addition to using Twitter, Dorsey simultaneously works as the CEO of Square, a successful company that pays public vendors based in San Francisco. After announcing that Twitter employees could continue working at home even after the shelter orders expired, Dorsey handed over the opportunity to his Square employees.
“We want employees to be able to work where they feel creative and highly productive,” said a company spokesman. “Going forward, the squares will be able to function at home permanently, once the offices have reopened. Over the past few weeks, we have learned a lot about what it takes to get people to do practical work outside of the office, and we will continue to learn as we go along. ”

work from home “necessary program”

Starting as a necessary program to curb the spread of Covid-19, companies required their employees to work from home. The positive unintended consequence of dealing with the epidemic was that remote work was met with great success by employees and company managers. The wide availability and ease of use of interactive and interactive communications technology, such as Zoom, Slack, Google Hangouts and more, have enabled people to adapt smoothly to new settings.

Employees appreciated the opportunity to avoid long walks, to watch their children leave home (as schools are closed) and to be prone to family members who may be infected. Managers have been aware of potential cost savings, as expensive long-term rental of office space is no longer required.
The growing popularity of homework was recognized by SHRM, the world’s largest professional community dedicated to serving human resources professionals. The group revealed that a large number of companies, including Facebook, Capital One, Amazon, Microsoft, Zillow and others, have announced that they will be expanding their home-based business plans. CEOs and senior executives participated in a Bay Area Council study, which reported that about one-fifth of companies plan to switch to full-term employment policies and 89% plan at least remote work policies.

There is a black side worker who has this new habit. When people are allowed to work remotely, what is the difference if a Square employee lives in San Francisco or Wyoming?

what others are thinking

Square, Twitter and other companies will be able to select the best, most intelligent and talented job seekers in the entire country.

Companies based in large cities, such as San Francisco, have to pay higher wages for their employees because of higher housing costs compared to those living in small or rural areas. The square can now select job applicants who have all the right skills and experience and live in low-cost areas. They will be able to offer less compensation compared to what they would have given a citizen of San Francisco. This will create an explosion of side effects. Wages of workers in San Francisco and other major cities are likely to decline due to the introduction of previously unimaginable job seekers.

At a JPMorgan Global Technology, Media and Communications conference last week, the general manager said, “We can find talent anywhere. There are a lot of people out there who don’t want to move to San Francisco. They feel comfortable working in a very small office or just at home. ”

This could be a huge benefit to San Francisco’s commercial and residential property value. The Bay Area has benefited greatly from a thriving economy. In line with growth, San Francisco has become more expensive with hiring and home prices rising to an inaccessible level for many workers.

house prices will plummet

If people can work from home, they don’t have to stay in San Francisco or get close enough to keep a logical move. Now they can leave the city and move to a less expensive area. As a result, house prices will plummet. Similarly, real estate sales will decline, as companies will allow their contracts to expire and decide to take up less space or give up tangible space. This trend will increase if other technology companies in Northern California pursue the same home-based strategy as Twitter and Square.

If other companies in cities like San Francisco, such as New York, Boston, Chicago and Philadelphia, create rural programs, the same fate will play there again. Real estate and commercial real estate in and around cities will fall in value, as a good number of people will move to less expensive areas. They would enjoy selling their small, crowded apartments and affordable homes in large areas, especially since they would spend all their time and leisure time in their homes.

Dorsey, a brilliant chief executive officer, could reshape the way people work, where they live and how much they will be paid.

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