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You may actually prefer to use it

Windows 11, the much-awaited 2021 update of the next level up of the Microsoft Windows operating system caused mass confusion.

As Microsoft announced the new Windows 11 an upgrade from the ageing Windows 10; it also became news that the shiny new operating system will not work on older hardware. The reason was security, smarter people were asking themselves the worth of upgrading to a newer computer? A new CPU would in most cases mean a new motherboard and maybe even RAM.

Some users are finding ways to install Windows 11 on any hardware by registry tweaks and other “hacks”, Microsoft’s complicated and frankly confusing explanations are seen by users as scare tactics. Microsoft further adds that it might not release essential software updates as security to older hardware.

Considering the rising prices of computer parts, especially the Graphics Cards and the CPUs because of the global chip shortage, you can clearly see it as a reason to stay away from upgrading unless your life and livelihood depended on it.

So what are the alternatives? Mac OS and the Apple way? Sure but then if you have that kind of money and why worry about it? And let’s not forget Apple is one of the most if not the biggest anti repair company in the world.

Linux. The beautiful, open-source, free, stable, safer, non-spying and faster operating system makes older machines feel like new and is very easy to work with.

For a majority of software, there’s a Linux package available along with windows and Mac OS. For some of the other stuff there’s no shortage of free open source, powerful and again in some cases better alternatives for Linux. A simple web search will show you that.

I would like to suggest that you start with dual booting a Linux OS alongside your current windows. Windows 10 will receive support till 2025. A few weeks are enough even for someone who has never used Linux before, to get started with and get good at managing your work with Linux. If you are coming from a Windows background Zorin OS or Linux Mint is definitely the way to go.

The Linux community is vast and very helpful. Any questions you might have and anywhere you might find yourself stuck a simple internet search will help you out 99% of the time.

And no, you do not need to use the terminal for accomplishing things and running software… it’s as you get comfortable you will find that you may actually prefer to use it.

You, your old hardware and your computing life and skills will thank me. Life in general related to everyday computing tasks will get better.

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