Amazon’s new ring always home cam that is a flying drone watchman.


we are not talking about a bird or a plane we are talking about a security camera that flies to your home from the ring and we pass on everything we know about the regular ring at home cam right now.

First, let’s set the scene for a small amazon to host a big event on Thursday where they released a new list of products.

The ring, a flying home security camera will be able to view your home from multiple views. Sounds exciting right!

Maybe it was a pan-tilt camera or a multi-lens camera, you wonder?

Home security camera drone 

This home security camera drone will literally traverse the centre of your home to meet the alarm security system so if the ring finds something to move while you are in traffic mode the cam will be able to take off and fly one of its pre-programmed surveillance routes.

So the idea of ​​whether or not you are worried about leaving your window open or your stove on your single security camera in the living room can remove a fly in the kitchen check if the stove is off and give you that extra peace of mind.

With your flying safety camera so this device is obviously crazy some of the bases that come out in the middle of 2021 will cost 250 which is very reasonable the 200 indoor security cameras alone this is a security camera and a flying drone.

They try to keep privacy in mind.

Because it will be resting on the base of the camera is not use, means it would not be recording.

The cam is actually in the lower part so under it the passengers are there and that will stay on the base and completely covered.

so if it doesn’t fly to your home it won’t record anything.

And maybe that’s true and maybe also that they couldn’t find it much quieter than they could.

when you have a security camera flying in your home it would be nice to see how quiet that is.

Because the big drone flying in your home can disrupt any kind of atmosphere you are trying to create what is meant by the atmosphere may be a dystopian type.

So I’m happy with this cool new product. it’s a different kind of security cameras.

I’m definitely worried about because this sounds like a watchman constantly roaming your house, actually a flying cam and recording you.

But assuming the robots don’t turn against us.

Obstacle avoidance and the protected propellers are going to basic features of this flying cam.

This could be a pretty darn useful device so I’m excited I’m a little scared it’s a utopian product that can do everything it’s dystopian robot overlords it’s a little all of the above.

New Product Announced by Amazon.

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