Now Pay with your palm with Amazon One.


Amazon One, which would allow consumers to pay in Amazon Go stores using their hand. Amazon has been working on this service for years.

New Amazon One uses the palm of your hand to point to you, using a combination of surface area details such as lines and hills, next to the vein patterns to create a “palm signature.”

The Amazon One scanner registers a photo of the user’s palm, letting them pay by moving their hand up. For it to work, users must first connect their palm to the saved credit card. After that, users can pay by hand.

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Amazon also plans to use palm technology elsewhere. “We believe it has a wider range of uses than our stores.

So we plan to provide services to third parties such as retailers, stadiums, and office buildings so that more people can benefit from this convenience and convenience in many areas,” said Dilip Kumar vice president of Amazon.

Palm technology also offers privacy benefits. Kumar said as you cannot determine a person’s identity by looking at a picture of his palm, its a most secured biometric method and “It also requires a person to perform a deliberate act by holding his or her hand over a metal object.”

It will first appear at two Seattle-based stores, including Amazon Go’s first 7 stores & Blanchard and a South Lake Union store at 300 Boren Ave. North.

It should not only be used to get into retail stores, but the company also notes. It has a view of the device used by third parties, including stadiums and office buildings, as well as other non-Amazon retailers.

It is unclear how a third-party seller can count on Amazon to hold its customer transaction data, however, given Amazon’s history of using third-party data in a competitive manner.

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