WHEN THE POWER GOES YOUR WIFI DOESN’T – Power Backup for your WiFi Router

vHome internet connection. A wlan router on desk with notbook in background.

Home internet connection. A wlan router on desk with notbook in background.

you might know about Power Backup or power-bank for your Mobile but do you know you can get one for your WiFi Router to get uninterrupted internet while working from home.

It often happens to all of us that we’re on a Skype/Video call or maybe downloading an important file and suddenly you lose power and along with that your WiFi shutdowns, which means that call is cut, the file download gets interrupted, or maybe a live stream is downed. 

Even though many folks stay at apartments or houses with backup, there is a delay in switching which means you lose WiFi for a minimum of 2-3 minutes – which is sufficient to kill the flow of anything you were doing at the time. In other cases, the power is gone for even longer even though your laptop may have the power to outlast the cut.


And to solve this, RESONATE RouterUPS a product by a Bengaluru-based startup which offers a no-nonsense solution to prevent all these mishaps.

It ensures to keep your internet uninterrupted during power-failures whether it’s a minute or that lasts for 3-4 hours. Your WFH (Work From Home) will be a breeze and no more interruption due to power-cuts during your VPN, Zoom, WebEx, AnyDesk, Webinars.

It basically acts as power backup or UPS for your router and allows you to have uninterrupted Wi-Fi during those few minutes or even hours when you have no power. RESONATE offers zero lag switching – In our tests we found no delay in switching between the power line and battery. 

How to find which one is compatible for your Home WiFi Router?

Step 1: Check the input power ratings of your WiFi Router and the Power Adapter. The power ratings are typically mentioned in the label behind your WiFi Router.  

Step 2: Now you can buy a compatible model for your WiFi Router from following links: 

Image Product Details   Price
CRU12V3A If your router power ratings are 12V, <= 3A Buy on Amazon
CRU12V2A if your router power ratings are 12V, <= 2A Buy on Amazon
CRU9V If your router power ratings are 9V, <= 1A Buy on Amazon
CRU5V If your router power ratings are 5V, <= 2A Buy on Amazon

Note 1 : Please note if your Wi-Fi Router is at 5V then CRU12V2A will not work for you. Choose appropriate variants depending on the power ratings of your Wi-Fi Router.    

Note 2 : To Redeem Corporate / RWA Offers, Please directly visit the section and Add To Cart, else the offer may not be available. 


  • Purpose Built UPS for Wi-Fi Routers
  • Weighs 200 grams 
  • Up to 4 Hours Power Backup
  • 30 Seconds Installation 
  • CE, RoHS Certified Product 
  • One Year Warranty 
  • Built-in Safety Protection Circuits 
  • Intelligent Algorithms for longer life of batteries 

For absolute peace of mind, we have custom-built specific to the common power ratings of WiFi routers available in the market. RouterUPS has three variants CRU5V, CRU9V, CRU12V. Here is a quick lookup list for popular routers.

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